What is WBC Play?

World Basketball Community Play (WBC Play) social networking app for Android

WBC Play, also known as World Basketball Community Play, is a real-time chat social networking app inspired by Twitter, but designed exclusively for people who love the game of basketball.

Whether you love to talk about or play basketball, this app is for you because it allows you to become the star and immerse yourself in the world of basketball.

WBC Play has two components, the app and the website which works independent of each other, but have similar features and functions.  The website is missing the rank and challenge function only.

Using WBC Play app, you can create your own profile, view, comment, reply, like tweets by other players (users), rank yourself and other real players from around the world, challenge them to a real game if they are in your local area, and even shop for basketball gears from our partners and affiliates stores.

One platform for all basketball fans to discuss their ideas, share their views , challenge other players, shop and much more.

WBC Play app – For Google Android


• Create your own unique profile
• Upload additional photos/images to your profile to personalize it
• Send and Read 500-character messages to/from friends and other users
• Ability to add photos/images to your tweets
• Add Youtube video link to your tweets
• Add GIF images from our catalog to your tweets
• Post and share tweets on NBA, WNBA, FIBA, NCAA and GENERAL
• Live chat groups and instant private messages
• Check out what’s Trending from the different tweets
• View Top 100 Rankings (Men, Women, Youth) from around the world
• View and Comment on Challenges Wall showdown
• Follow your friends and other players
• Vote up or down tweets
• Safety features include Block, Mute and Report users and tweets
• Register and Log-in using your own Twitter, Facebook, Google account or you can use our own system

WBC Play app – For Apple iOS

We hate to say it, but the Apple iOS verions is coming soon as we are hard at work developing it.  Once it is ready we post it here or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get advance notice.

 WBC Play Website:

For those people who don’t want to use the app or do not have access to a smartphone or tablet, you can still join our community through our website.  Our website have similar features and functions as our app, but minus the ranking  and challenge functions.


  • Create your custom profile
  • Manage your account settings, notifications, email etc
  • Ability to create micro-communities that you and your friends can participate in
  • View and participate in site-wide directory or single thread
  • Get notifications by through your account or by email
  • Request friendships
  • Private conversation with several members at a time
  • and much more

Click here to Register on the website.