In order to help you make the best use of WBC Play app for Android, we have added a guide on what each of the icon means and how you can use it.

Icon Description Icon
Home icon – Press to get to main screen. home
Profile icon – Press to view your profile. profile
Messages icon – Press to view your personal Chat. msg
Notification icon – Press to view your notifications. notification
Challenge Board icon – To view all challenge reports. boardicon
Gallery icon – To view User personal gallery.
Open Chat Room icon – To enter open chatroom. openchat
Reply icon – To write a comment. reply
Like icon – To like a tweet/comment/challenge. likesmallunselected
Dislike icon – To dislike a tweet/comment. dislikesmallunselected
Retweet icon – To retweet/repost a tweet. refreshpost
Menu icon – To view more options of a tweet. menu
Discussion icon – To indicate a discussion is going on here. commenthere
WBC Logo – WBC Play default icon for profiles. logo