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Toronto Raptors vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | December 1, 2019-20 NBA Season

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Lakers vs Mavericks Full Game Highlights! 2019 NBA Season

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WBC Play apps

WBC Play (World Basketball Community Play): Do you love basketball? If you answered “Yes!”, then WBC Play is for you. What is WBC Play? WBC Play, also known as World Basketball Community Play, is a real-time chat social networking app inspired by Twitter, but designed exclusively for people who love the game of basketball. Whether […]

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WBC Play version 3.0 coming out in January 2020

Hello Basketball Fans, WBC Play has gone through many ups and downs for a long time now, but we remain optimistic as we continue to see interest in what we are doing. Unfortunately, there have been many changes here and there and we lost focus on what exactly are we doing with WBC Play, but […]

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WBC Play Reward Program Using Cryptocurrency

We will be adding a reward program to our WBC Play community using cryptocurrency where you can use it as real money. More details coming soon.

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