WBC Play House Rules

WBC Play, also known as World Basketball Community Play, is a real-time chat social networking app inspired by Twitter, but designed exclusively for people who love the game of basketball.

We encourage all basketball fans to discuss their ideas, share their views , challenge other players, shop and engage with the WBC Play community.

However by being a part of this community, we have developed the following rules to ensure that all members get great user experience from it.

In addition to listing the rules below, there is really one “Golden Rule” that members should follow:

Treating others as one would wish to be treated oneself.

Note: Member(s), Player(s) and User(s) are used interchangeably here.

Here what you can do:

• Express different opinions and strong arguments
• Tweet, Comments, Share, Like (Thumb up and down)
• Challenge other players
• Rank other players

Here what you cannot do:

• No spamming WBC Play app or website
• No harassing other members
• No posting of tweets with nude images, pictures
• Posting same or very similar messages multiple times
• Spreading false rumours about a member
• Hurtful insults of other members
• Making unwanted advances of other members
• Personal messages should use the “Instant Private Messages”
• No threatening other members
• No derogatory or racist tweets or private messages to other members
• Do not use vulgar language in $ticker (cashtag) or username

Violations of Rules:

• Admin/Moderator will delete offending messages
• Admin/Moderator will ban member
• Admin/Moderator will terminate your member account
• Continually harassing of fellow members will

Safety Features:

• Block function allow you to not to have to see that user messages anymore
• Mute allows you to remove unwanted tweet from the message you see
• Report a tweet will alert us to tweet that violates our House Rules

We know that this is a sports app and usually in sports there will be a lot of banters, heated discussions, strong opinions, arguments and jokes and we encourage that.

Amongst close friends, these banters, discussions, opinions, arguments and jokes might be okay, but may not be okay to other members.

Whenever other members ask you to stop, please respect their wishes. You have to stop! Period.

We reserve the right to make changes to our app or site policies, House Rules at any time.

Contact us for more information at info@wbcplay.com